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Global Landscaping was contracted by Normandy Square Apts. in the year of 2007. During that time they performed a weekly mowing of the lawns, curb trimming and sidewalk edging.

They will be contracted again this year (2008) as they have proven to have very high standards in performance and professionalism. I would highly recommend Jeremy Morgan and Global Landscaping.


Patricia Rowe
Property Manager
Normandy Square Apartments

I am the manager of Pineview Senior Apartments and have dealt with Global Landscaping for 3 1/2 years. Before that I worked with Global at Vista Villa Apartments.

I find the company to be very professional, and easy to work with. They seem to go the extra mile to make my property look good and my curb appeal look great. In this business that is a very important factor to keep the vacancies down. People want to live where the look of the property is clean and neat for them and all of their friends and family who come to visit.

I would recommend Global Landscaping to everyone interested in hiring out their grounds work.


Connie Townsend
Site Manager, Preservation Management, Inc.

I have been working with Jeremy Morgan and Global Landscaping for about 2 1/2 years and have been completely satisfied with the service that I have received through the years. I began working with Jeremy at Vista Village Apartments in Saginaw and I am now the manager of Hampton House Villas in Essexville. I have always been impressed with the quality of work that Global Landscaping has provided to my properties. So much so that when I came on to Hampton House Villas last July, Global was the company that I thought of to come take care of our snowplowing needs for that coming winter. I will also be taking a bid from Jeremy for our upcoming grass trimming season and again look forward to working with him for our property needs.

I have not had any concerns that weren't addressed immediately and to my complete satisfaction. Jeremy is available to me for any questions that I have whether he is on the property or not and that is very important to me when it comes to both of us running our businesses smoothly. I would recommend his company 100% and know that he provides quality work and excellent customer service.


Stephanie Cooper
Hampton House Villas

Global Landscaping was contracted by Country Ridge Townhomes in the year of 2006. During that time they performed a weekly mowing of the lawns, trimming shrubs, and edging of the sidewalks and parking lots. They also did spring and fall clean-up of all the grounds.

I became manager of Country Ridge September 30, 2006. While I was not able to experience the full season of work that Global performed, I can say that during the limited time I did, they were kind, courteous and very respectful.


Cheryle A. Van Wert
Regional Manager
Lewiston/Woodbury Management

I have been dealing with Global Landscaping since March of 2003. This has been one of the best companies I have had an association with in regards to the lawn care of my property. The prices that are offered by Global Landscaping for their services are very reasonable and always tend to keep competitive with the market. The work that they provide me with on my property is exceptional. Global always goes the extra the extra mile to help satisfy the needs of Woodland Glen.

Due to all of the above factors, Global Landscaping has gained a business relationship with Woodland Glen for years to come. If you are looking for a landscaping company that will treat you with the utmost respect, while continually showing that they care about your property and the quality of work they provide, then choose Global Landscaping. You will get "top of the line" service with zero hassle and amazing results. I guarantee that once you give Global a chance, they will show you that they are capable of anything you need or want for your property.


Kellie J. Sharp
Manager, Woodland Glen Townhomes

I am the manager of Vista Villa Apartments in Saginaw. I have been working with Global Landscaping for the summer to take care of our lawn maintenance needs. Global Landscaping has been doing an excellent job maintaining our grounds throughout the season. Jeremy comes into the office on every visit to see if there are any questions or concerns regarding his work and I have never had an issue to be discussed that wasn't pertaining to what a great job he was doing.

I am satisfied as a customer and have great confidence in his work. I have decided to contract with Global Landscaping for our snow removal needs for this coming winter also because I trust and believe in the quality and timeliness of the work that will be provided. I would recommend Global Landscaping to anyone inquiring for a respectable landscaping company to provide them with the same kind of quality service as I have received here at Vista Villa.


Stephanie Cooper
Manager, Vista Villa Apartments